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Monthly Archives: July 2010


A certain desert road is – Wait, that desert road?


I have to go.



Koala Man is the creation of a mysterious, muttering, cryptic genius known only as the Sleep Talkin’ Man. It is thought that he is, in fact, a prophet, and his nightly visions are to be our first sign that we are approaching the End of Days.


Rodan is a 30,000 ton pterodactyl monster, and star of the eponymous 1956 film.


This is Bryce and he just wants to ask a question.

Instead of three-act structure, I’m thinking of it as seven-part harmony:
First, the melody, where the basic conflict is demonstrated on a small, simple scale.
Second, the counterpoint, where the other basic conflict is demonstrated. That’s right – you need two.
Third, interruptions, where everyone involved tries to prevent the conflict from taking place.
Fourth, the turning point, where it becomes clear that the real conflict goes much deeper than we thought.
Fifth, the leg sweep, where something vital is taken away, and it looks like all is lost.
Sixth, the crisis, where everything is on the line for one final showdown.
Seventh, the punchline, where we learn what it all means.What’s great about this model is that it’s fractal.

Zoom Math 400 is the newly-released trigonometry product in the popular Zoom Math line of advanced graphing calculator enhancement software.

This is a fully playable character sheet for the very rough alpha version of Chosen Path, an upcoming experimental RPG. Daniel Plainview, of course, has been seen here before.

I have nothing more to say about this.

This also serves as the official explanation for my lack of professionalism on this blog.

Javert’s sinister plan is an overarching plot meant to destroy Male Role Models by miring it in continuity. It occurred to him the first time he visited heaven.