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imageFelicia Day:

  • Has a flame in her heart
  • Is the Internet’s biggest movie star
  • Became successful on pure talent + hard work
  • Knows more than one word
  • Is in charge of her own career
  • Sang for Whedon
  • Has a beautiful dog and a Twitter account
  • Is destined to meet Zombie Wil Wheaton on the field of battle and destroy him once and for all
  • Was homeschooled


  • Has a flame on its tail
  • Belongs to an awkward teenager
  • Breathes fire
  • Grows up to be kind of a dick
  • Is granted freely to anyone with a mad professor for an uncle
  • Has never died onscreen
  • Is strong against grass-type attacks
  • Spends most of its time completely naked


  • Would die if their flame were put out
  • Are disarmingly adorable
  • Appear in music videos
  • Play characters who are surrounded by severely dysfunctional humans
  • Show up in video games
  • Have a red-based color scheme


  1. This series is going to be great. If there’s any way to make it so readers can enlarge the picture, then I’d be able to read all the words. Maybe provide the text somehow as well?

  2. Good idea! Edited to add a transcript.

  3. Super addition! Makes it easy to read and enjoy! Even without knowing the qualities of pokemon, I think this is going to be very funny. (But I know I can take your word for the qualities listed.)

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