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Ellen Page:

  • Wears roller skates when she tramples people
  • Is a Kurt Vonnegut fan
  • Always seems to be thinking
  • Will someday become very famous for her portrayal of a femme fatale
  • Is pro-choice
  • Is known to somnambulize – to somnambu- somnitr-somnr- sleepwalk.


  • Always has a serious expression – as if concerned about being taken seriously
  • Has hooves that are harder than diamond
  • Has never kissed a Magikarp, nor received an award for doing so
  • Is on fire


  • Manage to piss off a certain variety of macho dork by being both feminine and awesome rather than cute as their kind is “supposed” to be
  • Have yet to evolve into their wild, unpredictable final form

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