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Monthly Archives: October 2010


Myers-Briggs is bullshit. It has always been bullshit, and it always will be bullshit. Which boxes you tick off in a laboratory setting may tell you a bit about what you imagine yourself to be like, but it can tell you nothing about what kind of bizarre, complicated, unpredictable creature you actually are.

The first person to say “You must be a P lol!!” gets shot in the face. By my judgment.

The nice thing about bullshit, though – the central purpose of it – the main goal – the quest reward – the ultimate ambition – is that bullshit makes a crackerjack excuse factory. It’s so easy, you’re already doing it! Just pick whatever bad, rude, inappropriate, juvenile, childish, eccentric, freakish, unholy, asinine, or outright malicious behavior you feel like doing the most, then repeat after me.

“I’m sorry. I’m just a ______, and that’s why I’ll never change.”



A sandwich is a popular food item, typically consisting of two slices of bread with something delicious wedged between them. So-called “open-face” sandwiches, with only one slice of bread, also exist, but can hardly be referred to as sandwiches at all.

The sandwich is a poignant metaphor for a particular variety of selfless individual – the kind who works hard, plays by the rules, behaves exactly as he is instructed to by others, and is ultimately consumed, turned into shit, and forgotten. Like those individuals, the sandwich is ubiquitous at every level of society, and popular around the globe.


Feel free to ask, but don’t expect an answer.