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Myers-Briggs is bullshit. It has always been bullshit, and it always will be bullshit. Which boxes you tick off in a laboratory setting may tell you a bit about what you imagine yourself to be like, but it can tell you nothing about what kind of bizarre, complicated, unpredictable creature you actually are.

The first person to say “You must be a P lol!!” gets shot in the face. By my judgment.

The nice thing about bullshit, though – the central purpose of it – the main goal – the quest reward – the ultimate ambition – is that bullshit makes a crackerjack excuse factory. It’s so easy, you’re already doing it! Just pick whatever bad, rude, inappropriate, juvenile, childish, eccentric, freakish, unholy, asinine, or outright malicious behavior you feel like doing the most, then repeat after me.

“I’m sorry. I’m just a ______, and that’s why I’ll never change.”



  1. It’s true that people are much too complicated to neatly pigeonhole, but I kinda like Myers-Briggs anyway – not as gospel, but as something compare myself and other people against as an analyzing tool. “Does this seem accurate, most of the time? If yes, what are some specific examples; if no, what is it that I think I do instead? How do I feel about that – is this something I should be working on, or is this something I’m comfortable with?” Etc.

    I’ve never run into people using their Myers-Briggs type as an excuse, but then again I don’t really know anybody who talks about it. But for anybody who uses it that way, it’s obviously about them looking for an excuse rather than that being something that the Myers-Briggs results have told them; imo, it’s stated pretty clearly that there’s good incarnations of every behavior you wrote about, and that there are both awesome and lame people of every type.

    Beyond Myers-Briggs, I think that most negative traits a person might have could instead be utilized for something positive… it’s just that doing so can be a pain the the ass and require an ongoing struggle, heh.

    …..also, hi again. Why’d you delete your okc profile? :<

  2. Dude, you have got o be the most arrogant fool on the Internet

  3. Is it weird that I kinda want to marry you?

  4. word!!!!!!!!

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