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The first time Donkey laid an egg, he didn’t think much about it.

“I suppose this happens to everyone, now and then,” he thought.

Not knowing what to do, he gave the egg to his friend Mongoose, who cooked and ate it for his supper. Donkey was shocked when he found out.

“What did you expect?” asked Mongoose, irritably scratching himself behind the right ear. “I don’t have anywhere to put an egg. Anyway, I think there was something wrong with it. My stomach has been tumbling all morning.”

At this, Donkey became so upset that he stomped away without saying a word. If he had stayed, he might have noticed Mongoose really didn’t look so good.

The second time Donkey laid an egg, he resolved to take care of it himself. To his surprise, however, when he reached the little shack he called home, a nest was all prepared for him, complete with pillows, shell ointment, a very large backscratcher, and a lifetime supply of nutritious ooze – everything a growing egg could ask for.

“Who can have done this?” thought Donkey. But he never knew.


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