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Monthly Archives: August 2011


Dragon is one of my Guardians – the selves I turn to most often for practical, day-to-day affairs. His particular specialty is showmanship – Dragon excels at public speaking, interviews, auditions, or any other situation that demands showing off. He also has a clearer sense of taste than most of me, and enjoys making aesthetic judgments. His Myers-Briggs type is ESFP.

As a general rule, Dragon prefers to treat people with courtesy and respect. However, he often yearns for a worthy foe – someone he can show off his massive intellect by roundly defeating. In oppositional situations, he can be harsh, cold and dismissive. Do not discuss religion with Dragon.


Drawn this morning, before breakfast.

I woke up this morning feeling intensely panicked, like I was trapped at the bottom of a well or chasm, and there were predators surrounding me, cutting off my escape.

And then I drew this.

The Prince of Sinners

When I close my eyes I see a caravan – a line of camels and tents and palanquins, slowly trudging across the desert.

Inside the largest tent, a massive red ruby is hovering in the air. It gives off a strange crackling energy. The guards stand ten feet back, they treat it with reverence.

Some bandits suddenly appear, cresting a hill and falling upon the caravan. They put every last creature to the sword and take what they can,but the ruby remains untouched. It has reached its destination. It will sit in this random patch of desert for a thousand years, until one day some asshole decides to build a city there.

That asshole was once the leader of a group of bandits. He laid his hand on the ruby – just once – and it gave him everlasting life, as well as driving him absolutely mad.

I see him build a pleasure palace around this mighty ancient stone, and I see the ruby quiver with rage. I see it wait, biding its time until a whole grand city has been built on top of it, and then shaking the earth, rending it in twain. I see the people of the city consumed by fire. I see not a single survivor.

When all this is done, for the first time, green things will grow in the desert.