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Monthly Archives: September 2011


On the other hand,



Which is more real?

Not worth the effort.

Ever a hot-blooded creature,

Dragon yearns to quench his flames

On a worthy target.

Finding only himself,

He proceeds to burn.

Can they find you in the long grass

If your tail peeks out from behind a stone?

Can they worship you on the high plains

If you’re more lost

More alone

Than they are?

Stop trying

And everything will be sweeter


Don’t cry

Just because

There’s nothing you

Or anyone else

Could have done


Try to change

The only things

Worth changing

Those things

That will be there

Long after




You fall up

And your path

Leads you back

To the start

Of the house

Where you left

And you promised yourself

You’d be fine

Without her

So you watch

And you wait

And you shiver a bit

But you don’t

Want to know

It’s all over, you see

It was not meant to be

You’re a hundred and three

And you’re waiting

To die

All alone.


Be drawn

Forget yourself

And in doing so


The reasons

You will never



Busking Barricades

The help

Makes your useless

Cries for love

Appear of miniscule importance

Or rather

That is to say

Well I guess

Never mind then…

Sometimes I dream

Of rising above

The mist and confusion

Of freedom and love

But the thoughts I take with me

Obscure the whole scene

Destroying my purpose

I revert to the mean.