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Monthly Archives: January 2012

It wasn’t I who banished him, but it was I who suffered its effects.


With a sharp, deep intake of breath, she opened her eyes in a place beyond understanding.

Fear Not

What’s the worst that could happen?

Never forget.

This is why I couldn’t work in collections after awhile.

I tried to bring you peace and harmony, but all I gained for us was misery and frustration. Even if we rejoined, I cannot imagine anything more than conflict for us. I am sorry.

Beware the results of nested parallelism. It’s as recursive a clusterfuck as exists in nature.

Don't light a candle for the damned. Light a candle for those living in silent torment, for their days will be unceasing and their misery all-encompassing.

From when I forgot, to make sure it never happens again.

You don't belong to this Earth. There's no reason to think you ever will. Should you stop working for yourself just because you've stopped bleeding? It's not over, but it will be soon. Countdown begins now. Alarm. Alarm. Alarm. Selah.

Don’t ever forget you’re being watched. If only by someone inside you.