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Monthly Archives: April 2012

When I come home from my customer service job it is 7:00 or later and I have not eaten in some time and I am nauseous and I want to never ever speak to another human being for the rest of my days.

Sometimes in the mornings I pray that my train will crash before I get to work so I won’t have to go in after all.

I’m hoping that I can leverage my extreme discomfort into profound life changes before my soul passes out from exhaustion.

My life is a work in progress.


Patterns are ley lines. Inspiration is goop. With me so far? Ley lines describe the flow of goop, which can be tapped into for material gain. It is therefore beneficial to prospect for these ley lines, which can be discerned through careful, logical extrapolation of the evidence given by your senses. The keenness of your senses is what the game is all about – prospectors must find / deduce the location of the ley lines, then priests must bless / engineer buildings to take advantage of them. Priests are good at clarifying, making things concrete, and skillful priests are able to build structures in harmony with their environments, thus more gradually depleting the Earth’s bounty of goop.

It’s all a giant metaphor for pattern recognition, see, you have the prophets, who glimpse dimly at a possible deeper truth, who squint hazily at the moral eclipse of the sun and try to sketch what they see, you know the ones, the ones who seem like strangers in the moment. Those are the guys getting glimmers of intelligence telling them cluefully where a pattern / ley line might be, where they could suck inspiration out of the ground, and they had best learn logic if they know what is good for them. In particular it will help them discern which are the true glimmers of something real and which are the illusions of a warlock / devil-memes from the bowels of capitalism.

See? It all fits. That’s why I have to risk everything to make a Dragon-themed Metroidvania strategy-prospecting MMO card game. I’m telling you, I have seen it.

Through a glass, darkly.