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Monthly Archives: May 2012



If we eat the flesh of Jesus to reach communion with Him, surely Jesus must be able to reach communion with us by eating the flesh of humans?

It makes more sense than the Trinity, anyway.

Sometimes you just gotta ride it out.

It wasn’t always to have been like this, but it will always have been this way, someday.

He’s wondering the same thing you are.

If you think you see a face,

Then you know it’s just a mirror.

If you think it’s you you’re seeing,

Then you better know your place.

They can hide you, they can hunt you,

But they’ll never ever beat you

If you tell them not to eat you

With a firm and steady, at-the-ready, thoroughly constabulary billy club of greatness at your side.

(It also helps to look them in the eyes.)

I never posted the last bunch of draws I made.. I suppose I ought to remedy that at some point.

This is a poster of sorts, for a script I never finished. The basic notion, the thing that kept me working on it, was an idea of a crown that, in addition to bestowing upon its wearer the rulership of some faraway, magical country, also slowly turns the king into a living statue over a period of seven years. During those seven years, the king cannot be killed, nor can the crown be wrested from his head, but once the seven years are over he will become a mere statue and the crown will pass to the next king.

Thus, he who would hold power must be prepared to sacrifice himself.

So, naturally, there must be some character with the will and ingenuity to try to beat that system – I’m thinking, by putting the crown on his son’s head, and intending to use him as a catspaw. The film could be the story of that son, facing the choice of when / how much to stand up to his father and fight for himself and his country.

Also at some point he rides a dragon. Not sure where that works in, but somewhere. Oh, and there’s an Empire on the verge of invading or possibly just annexing the country, and they have an Immortal Empress who’s in charge of absolutely everything, thus a source of keening envy to our very mortal, very non-omnipotent protagonist.