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Category Archives: Which is Better?


Babies require constant care and attention. Bubble wrap waits patiently until you’re ready. Advantage: Bubble wrap.

Babies cover everything they touch in a layer of germ-riddled slime. Bubble wrap keeps your stuff safe, undamaged, and slime-free. Advantage: Bubble wrap.

Babies will someday grow up to be a real person. Bubble wrap will someday be used up and thrown away. Advantage: Babies.

Babies bring deep satisfaction and inner peace. Bubble wrap brings an irresistible popping game. Advantage: Bubble wrap.

Babies poop all the time. Bubble wrap never poops. Advantage: Bubble wrap.

Winner: Bubble Wrap (4-1)



Ice cream can cause nasty headaches, but nuclear weapons can cause the obliteration of all known life. Advantage: Nuclear weapons.

Ice cream is easy for anyone to enjoy, while nuclear weapons require advanced technical knowledge. Advantage: Ice cream.

With ice cream, once one person has some, everyone else gets hungry. With nuclear weapons, once one person has some, everyone else treats them as an unstoppable god of war. Advantage: Nuclear weapons.

Ice cream has about 100 calories per scoop. Nuclear weapons have about 1,000,000,000 calories per megaton. Advantage: Ice cream.

Ice cream makes it feel like summer. Nuclear weapons make it feel like everyone you love is dead. Advantage: Ice cream.

Winner: Ice cream (3-2)